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Welcome to Jeep History.  This site was put together as a reference point to sum up the history of the jeep vehicle.  We will be adding new information quite often, so check back often.  If you have information you would like to add to the site, we'd be more than happy to post information you have.  Please contact us and tell us what you would like to add to the Jeep history web site.

We are particularly interested in posting information about early jeeps such as jeep willys, overland, bantam and kaiser jeep.  Please don't be shy.  Send over whatever you have so we can make this web site as resourceful as possible for viewers and those who might need a used postal jeep.

The Ford Motor Company jumped into the race after Willys Overland and Bantam after being directly approached. Their first model was called the GP and dubbed the Pygmy as a ton truck with 4x4. Under the hood was a modified 1966cc four cylinder engine right out of a 9N tractor with a three speed Model A Ford gearbox and Spicer transfer Box. A couple noteworthy features was the overall comfort jeep drivers reported. In addition, the headlamps were put behind the grill where they were less likely to be damaged from rough terrain (stones, pebbles, debris, etc). The ford version of the Jeep also innovated a way that allowed the headlights to swivel to light up the engine compartment. This was very valuable and allowed maintenance at night.

Overland, Bantam and Ford's Jeep models summed up that they each had their own strengths and weaknesses. Ford was working on a redesigned prototype called the Ford GP and Willys had a new prototype called the MA. After further testing around July 1941, Willy's came out on top with a contract for 16,000 revised MA models. The new MA models were known as the MB models. It is ironic because the contract for 16,000 Jeep vehicles almost went to Ford for the simple reason that they had the production capability superior to anybody at the time.  Jeeps are great for off road experiences, throughout history.



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